Hello? Hello? Hello?

November 2017 Issue

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s really hard taking your own advice to “put yourself out there.” Isn’t there enough digital chatter out there fighting for our attention and overwhelming us with a range of swirling emotions daily? Do I really want to add to the noise pollution? Is it worth the time commitment? Is anyone even listening? Why can’t I get Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” out of my head…?

Publishing the first Letter from the Editor was not a breezy task for this “don’t brag, don’t over-share, no one cares” cynical, GenX, New Yorker.  But, I knew it was time to follow another piece of solid advice, “You’re not growing unless you put yourself in a situation where you want to poop and puke at the same time.” Classy, right? (I’m going to get this hand painted on a rustic plank of wood for my kitchen...just kidding, I hate that shit.)

Here’s the thing; after I hit send and threw up in my mouth a little I began receiving actual responses.  Personal, thoughtful, congratulatory responses…and not just from my Mom! People started nodding they could hear me! (See what I did there?)  I had cut through the crap and connected with a crew of like-minded business owners.  

Let’s be real, it ain’t easy.  It takes strategy and planning and assurance to create “connection-worthy” content in an over-crowded marketplace. But if you build content that is true to your own brand “your people” will come.  Yes, I just said “build it, and they will come” ball!




I'm Coming Out

October 2017 Issue

Picture this: New Years Day 2012, I’m in a downward dog trying to reach nirvana. Why? Because after thirteen years as full-time Photo Director at Conde Nast BRIDES, I was heading out on my own. (Cue mild panic attack.) 

I had recently dusted off my camera (and the Fine Arts Photography Degree) wanting to get back behind the lens to capture wedding memories that would become treasured heirlooms instead of directing glossy editorials quickly tossed in a recycling bin. But, I was still far from reaching Zen.

Listen, it was really easy to pass judgment behind my desk inside a corporate tower, it wasn’t until I was on the other side (being a solo-entrepreneur) that I truly understood how hard and nerve wracking it was! There was no giant supply closet, tech support or assistant to do my expenses…I had to handle it all myself…WTF?! I felt, first hand, the insecurities in curating and marketing your own work in a crowded marketplace. I got it, belieeeve me I got it! 

It wasn’t until standing in warrior two pose that I realized I had this unique perspective and skill set as an Editor; one I should embrace and leverage as a side hustle to my ever-growing list of hustles. I excelled at cultivating creatives, providing honest feedback in a “spoonful-of-sugar” way and finding visual diamonds in the rough. I had a moment of enlightenment...Editor’s Edge was born! (Bob Fosse jazz hands)

Fast forward to me shooting weddings, holding Interim Photo Director positions at various magazines and consulting as Editor’s Edge...I had become a one-man band! It was time to take my own advice and focus on what provided the most satisfaction - consulting, educating, directing creative teams and sharing my experience as a visual editor to elevate emerging brands.  

And now here we are, my first Letter from the Editor, ready to tell it like it is. Here to empower small business owners on the EDGE of something big, on the EDGE of taking it to the next level and on the EDGE of building a better brand...cue Diana Ross because “I’m coming out!”