"I tell it like it is.."

Applying her signature "spoon full of sugar" approach, Editor's Edge founder Kristi Drago-Price delivers engaging talks full of truthful insights and playful humor.

Kristi's experience with a range of industries give her a unique view on getting published, curating a powerful brand, producing effective visual content and the digital landscape at large.  Also a sought-after moderator, Kristi is sure to ask panelists important questions while keeping the pace lively and the audience entertained.

Whether speaking to a group large or small, Kristi's candid style makes overwhelming topics easy to digest and leaves audiences with a sense of confidence and actionable to-do's.  Kristi prides herself on being approachable, an you can often find her answering questions and critiquing work well after the stage lights have come up.


Speaking engagements include:


Wedding Photography
Expert & Judge

"Professional answers to industry questions"

With over 20 years of experience , Editor's Edge founder Kristi Drago-Price is a sought after industry expert for print, online, podcast and video interviews.  She has lent her editor's eye to judge numerous photography competitions.


Expert interviews & competition judging include: