Gourmet Invitations


"I hired Editor's Edge to simply tell me what I needed to change. They looked at my website, told me what my photos needed and provided the art direction to guide me to a cohesive look for my brand.

Since making the changes my contact rate has skyrocketed and my bounce rate has been cut in half. With Editor's Edge's expert eye, my business has gone to the next level. "

-Tifany Wunschl

Client Goals:

  • Identify photographic style to best showcase products
  • Styling tips to give images high impact
  • Website assessment to increase user experience and streamline client sales process


  • Website Critique
  • Image Assesment
  • Remote Photo Art Direction


Carrie Patterson Photography

Client Goals

  •  Repackage brand
  • Identifying strengths to define brand
  •  Reach higher end clients & planners


  • Creative Direction
  • Image Assesment
  • Signature Image & Gallery Curation
  • Creative Coaching



" Editor’s Edge pushed me to see who I really was, not who I thought I needed to be. They made the creative process inspiring and exciting, resulting in a brand that was unique to me while bold and unexpected.

 Thanks to Editor’s Edge my new brand is a fresh yet bold departure from the mainstream. I’m booking top weddings with the top planners in the country - right here in Jackson Hole and around the country! "

-Carrie Patterson