Are my images on brand? Does my website communicate our story?
How do I create a strong visual impact?

Discover your visual brand voice and let your story be heard


1. Graphics used to tell a story, portray emotions, explain ideas and connect with human beings without saying a single word.

2. Can include: Photos, Illustrations, Graphic Design, .GIFs, Videos, Memes, Infographics, Screenshots, Pull Quotes

Here's the deal... 

Connecting with today’s consumer can feel more fragmented than ever, but it’s also more personal than before. By crafting a distinctive brand presence, built with powerful content (both visually and verbally), you can now establish a real and thriving relationship with your clients.

Why Content Consulting?

Brand content consulting is an updated twist on traditional branding – it’s not just new logos and business cards anymore. This is an inside-out process that distills the essence of your brand highlighting your best work and telling your brand story - in less than 3 seconds. How’s that for impactful?

Ready? Set. Go!

You’ve already taken the first step you’re here for some professional advice, always unfiltered, now lets DO this.


A deep dive into an area of your choice. Editor’s Edge will capture the essence of your brand and your goals, critique existing brand assets and consult on an action plan for improving your visual brand and increasing business.


A one-on-one 60-minute phone consult
addressing three of your most pressing concerns culminating in an empowering take away that you can put in action immediately.


+ Commonly asked questions include

  • Website Reviews
  • Portfolio Assessments
  • Brand Critiques
  • Rebranding Strategies
  • Identifying Brand Strengths
  • Compelling Website Storytelling
  • Social Media Image Curation
  • Identifying Ideal Clients
  • High Impact Visual Creation (images, graphic design, infographics)

+ Commonly asked questions include

  • Which of my work should I showcase online?

  • Is this good? Does it make sense? Which one is better..this or that?

  • Is this publishable and/or how to break into editorial?

  • Which of my work should I showcase to reach a higher client?

  • How can I become an established thought leader in my industry? Can you coach me on speaking engagements?


And then what?

Understand your strengths and how to use them to your profit
Identify your unique work style and feel a confidence boost (because you’re awesome!)
Learn your visual voice and how to cater to your client’s viewing behaviors
Increase quality leads within your target market
Grow your audience engagement while creating real relationships that drive business 

Who is it for?

From experienced Type A professionals looking to rebrand their portfolios (less is more) to emerging Type B professionals wanting to establish their brand (tastemaker tips welcome), Editor’s Edge has empowered brands of all different types and stages of development. 


To-Do List Guru

Swoons Over Spreadsheets

No Calculator Necessary

Label Maker Lover

Business Books on Bed Stand

Perfect Punctuation = Professionalism 

Always On Time

"You Call That Art?!"

Left Brain people vs Right Brain people | Editor's Edge | image curation, photo editor, photo curation, visual content consultant, visual content creator


To-Do list Doodler

Lives & Breathes Their Art

Suffers From Shiny Penny Syndrome

Organized Mess

Prefers The Movie Over The Book

Freedom = Freelance 

Usually 5…OK 10 Minutes Late

“How Does This Make Me Feel?”

Braedon Flynn, The Artist Report | Editor's Edge | Visual Consultant, Cultivate and create your brand image, photo editor, create a story, brand voice, visual brand manager

Working on a creative project?

Editor’s Edge has your back! After consultations we offer a range of creative resources to make any endeavor a success.


  • Creative Consulting
  • Accountability
  • Action Plans
  • Critiques & Art Direction
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Support
  • High Fives!


  • Portfolio Galleries
  • Image Pairings & Layout
  • Signature Images
  • Social Media
  • Branding
  • Copy Editing


  • Visual Concepts & Moodboards
  • Art Direction
  • Photo Shoot Production
  • Brand Boards
  • Graphic Design
  • Copy Writing
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Brochures & Promo Materials
  • Web Building
Kristi Drago-Price works one-on-one with clients | Editor's Edge | brand voice, brand strategy, brand management, visual brand manager, content strategy, creative consultant, contention curation, content marketing, image curation, photo editor, photo curation, visual content consultant, visual content creator